How I Can Help You
Do you want that perfect piece to showcase your personality in your home?  Do you love having unique apparel and accessories that you can customize just the way you want it?  Or maybe you just love love love handmade products?  Then you are in the right place!  I offer a variety of products ranging from hand painted wood signs and decor to expertly crocheted scarves and beanies!  Have something in mind but you don’t see it listed in my shop?  Contact me and let me know what your heart desires and if I can make it I will create a custom product just for you!  If I can’t help you then I am sure I can find you someone who can.  I created and manage a network of handmade crafters all based in Clarksville, TN that are ready and willing to meet your needs.  Do you live in Clarksville or the Fort Campbell area?  Make sure to join our facebook group called Handmade in Clarksville!  It’s the perfect place for crafters to sell their work and for shoppers to find that unique item they have been searching for.

About Me
I love to create things and I am excited to be able to offer my creations to all of you!  My husband and my kids make this all possible with their support and they inspire me everyday.  I floundered for a long time trying to find my passion and my purpose in life.  I went to college and got a degree in Veterinary Technology thinking it was what I was meant to do, but it just doesn’t pay enough.  Then I started working for my sister as a website designer and marketing manager and I got bit by the run your own business bug!  I loved the freedom and the feeling of accomplishment that I got from working with her as a partner.  I also loved being able to help other businesses become successful and achieve their goals.  Unfortunately my job with her couldn’t last and my husband got relocated to Fort Campbell.  Since I moved here I struggled to find another job that made me as happy as working with my sister did.  I tried Pet Sitting and Website Design on my own with no success.  There just wasn’t a good enough need for it here.  Then I got into painting and crocheting and I had the best idea.  I wanted to sell my work.  I started looking to see if anyone else in my area was doing the same thing and to my surprise there is a booming community of crafters!  They were unorganized though and didn’t communicate and help each other.  I decided I wanted to change that and started Handmade in Clarksville.  From there my business and our crafting community has grown so much and is continuing to grow every day!

My Family