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Hi there!  I am so excited to be able to announce the beginning of my new Facebook group!  I wanted to be able to offer my best customers, friends, and my family exclusive discounts and giveaways and I decided a private, members only group was the best way to do it!  I also like to share previews of things I’m working on and announcements on new products and promotions.  Make sure to head on over to facebook and check it out!

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First Look at “Snuggle and Play Crochet” By Carolina Benitez


As most of my followers probably know, I really really really love Carolina Benitez’s amigurumi patterns!  They are always so easy to follow and the format/pictures are pleasant to look at.  I really enjoy making amigurumi from her patterns.  I have made Felix the Baby Dragon, Nuru the Unicorn, and Brook the Tiny Bat.  I am currently working on Kissie Kitty right now.  I am so excited to try the new patterns in the Snuggle and Play Crochet book.  I pre-ordered my copy and I just got it today so I haven’t tried any of the patterns yet.  I just wanted to show you guys what’s included and what to expect if you want to add these patterns to your collection.  So lets get to it!

DIY Key & Leash Holder Step 2


Hi everyone!  Welcome to Step 2 of my DIY Key & Leash Holder Series.  If you haven’t read Step 1 then please start there.  Click Here to read Step 1.  So, when we left off in Step 1 we were leaving our freshly stained wood to dry.  In this step we will be creating our design and transferring it to the wood.  I am going to go over the various ways that you can do this.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to drop your question in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Not Into Doing DIY?  CLICK HERE to have me make a key and leash holder just for you!

DIY Key & Leash Holder Step 1


Hi everyone!  Welcome to Step 1 of my DIY Key & Leash Holder Series.  In this series I am going to take you through the whole process of making your very own key and leash holder to hang by your door!  This is going to be a 4 Step series with a new post for each step.  I will release the steps each day until they have all been published.  After I have posted the last step I will then set up a page where you can read all the steps, purchase a printable pdf instruction book with photos, purchase the design templates available, and share this series with your friends!  If anyone has any questions please feel free to drop your question in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Not Into Doing DIY?  CLICK HERE to have me make a key and leash holder just for you!

Snuggle and Play Crochet From The One and Two Company

As some of you may know I am a huge fan of the One and Two Company patterns.  I have done the dragon, unicorn and bat so far and I am getting ready to make the cat too.  I am so excited right now though because they have a new book of patterns coming out and I just pre-ordered it!!!!  I seriously can not wait for these patterns to come out!!!  I just hope I have enough time to make up a bunch of them for the holidays coming up lol.  Who else has pre-ordered their copy?  What is the pattern you are looking forward to trying the most?  I really love the monkey on the cover.

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate with Amazon but I do not endorse or link to products that I have not personally tried or bought. 

Offset Clusters Stitch

I am a big fan of cluster stitches!  I mean seriously?  What's not to love!  They create beautiful textures, are pretty thick, and they work up fast.  Cluster stitches are my go to stitches for scarves and blankets/afghans.  I also love them for wash cloths.  The texture really pops when you crochet them in cotton.  The offset cluster stitch is a new one I just learned.  It came from the book listed below.

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate with Amaon but any products I link to I have bought with my own funds and I use on a daily basis.  I will be honest with you with if it's worth getting or not and I won't recommend anything that I wouldn't use.

What I Used To Make This Tutorial

Hook: Clover Amour 3.5 mmYarn: Yarn Bee in Blushy
Source: The Big Book of Crochet Stitches

Stitches Used
Cluster Stitch:  Yarn over and insert your hook in the specified chain/stitch, yarn over and draw up, *yarn and pull through 2 loops*, repeat from * 2 more times until you have 4 loops on your hook, pull through all 4 loops.

Shell Stitch:  Double Crochet, Chain 1, and Cluster Stitch into the specified chain/stitch.

Foundation Chain
The Offset Clusters Stitch is worked in multiples of 3+2.  For my example swatch I chained 30 + 2 = 32 chains total.

Row 1
Cluster Stitch into the back hump of the 5th chain from the hook, *skip the next 2 chains, Shell Stitch into the next chain*, repeat from * until you get to the last chain.  Double Crochet into the last chain, Chain 4 and Turn.

Row 2
Cluster Stitch into the base chain in your turning chain, *Shell Stitch into the Double Crochet on the next Shell Stitch*, repeat until you get to the last stitch.  Double Crochet into the 3rd chain of your turning chain, Chain 4 and Turn.

Row 3+
Repeat Row 2 to continue the pattern.


Sneak Peek of the New Bubble Gum Collection Coming Soon!!

I am so excited to be able to show you guys a sneak peek of the bubblegum collection that will be releasing soon!!!!!!  The photos shown are just 1 of the 4 styles that will be available in the full collection.  If everything goes according to schedule they will be releasing alongside the Glacier Freezer collection on October 1st :-).  If you haven’t seen the Glacier Freeze collection yet go check out the first look post I made yesterday by clicking here.

Dragon Scale Gloves Crochet Pattern


I had someone ask me if I could make them some Dragon Scale gloves.  The pattern they sent me was a paid one but I found a free one and then adapted it to what I wanted.  If you want to see the original pattern I adapted this from then click here.

Starla the Fancy Unicorn Has Arrived!

Starla the Fancy Unicorn

Starla the Fancy Unicorn is ready to become your little one’s best friend!  She loves to play or nap and is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face!  They will have countless adventures together as your child drags them around everywhere they go.  Starla is approximately 15″ tall so she is the perfect size for playing and cuddling.