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This past year I have grown significantly as a business.  I got to meet a lot of new people, hone my skills, and learn some new ones.

In doing so, I have come to the realization that selling my handmade products wasn’t fun anymore.

It stifled my creativity and I wasn’t happy with trying to mass produce something that was supposed to be unique and special.

What I did enjoy was teaching other people.  I liked being able to help others conquer their fears and doubts so they could be successful too!

With that realization, I have decided that it’s time to close one door and open a new one.

U-NEED-A Crafty Creation will be closing and reopening as Moms that Craft!

When is this going down? 

You will see changes taking place over the next 9 months, but the official opening date of the new company is January 1, 2019.  Keep reading to see the exciting things I have planned for the new company!!

What’s Changing?

My Business Structure

Going forward I will not be selling any handmade products.  Instead, I will be focusing on my blog and writing awesome FREE content for you!

Moms that Craft will be a lifestyle blog for anyone that loves to craft and moms!  You don’t have to be a mom to be a follower!

I will be posting free crochet patterns, recipes, DIY tutorials, and lots of stuff for moms and mompreneurs.

My first E-Course will be releasing with the opening of the new business too!

I will still have products for sale though.  They just won’t be physical products I have handmade myself.

I have plans to start selling e-books, planners, workbooks, and more on Amazon.

I also have plans to start selling fan merch like Moms that Craft T-Shirts I design.  I have found several companies that I can upload the designs and they fill the orders for me.

Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on all the changes coming.  I will be making announcements periodically

My Branding

With the new name will come a new look!  That means a new logo, color scheme, fonts, profile pic, and more!  Everything will be changing!

My Website

I have already purchased and set up the domain www.momsthatcraft.com so that it will redirect you to this website.

While this site is still live I will be building a new one behind the scenes.  When opening day comes this website will convert to the new one.

I will be setting up a redirect for the old domain so that everyone can still find me.

The new website is going to be better than ever and will have new features that aren’t available on this one.

There will be new sections and pages added and I will be reorganizing my content better.  More details coming soon.

For the time being I will still be updating this site with new content!  No time like the present to get started with the changes!

Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates!

My Social Media Pages


The U-NEED-A Crochet and U-NEED-A Recipe pages and groups will be closing.  I will make a final post explaining the change and how to find me.

The U-NEED-A Crafty Creation Page and Besties group will become the Moms that Craft main page and group.

I will be posting regular updates to both so make sure to follow the page and join the group.

The group will be open for anyone to post their projects and questions.  To like the page click here and to join the group click here.


My Pinterest account has already been updated with the name change.  In the future, the old pins will be moved to a new board titled U-NEED-A Crafty Creation.

I will be cleaning up the current boards and creating new ones as soon as I come up with the branding for the new company.


I will be rebranding this account at some point.  It will probably be the last one that I update.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me as U-NEED-A Crafty Creation!  I look forward to inspiring your creativity this next year!  Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates!





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