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Sleepy Unicorn Crochet Pattern

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I am just in love with this sleepy unicorn pattern I found!  I modified the pattern some though so I want to share the changes I made with everyone in case you would like to make one like mine.  Click Here to get the original pattern.

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Materials Needed

Photo Gallery

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What I Changed

Mane & Tail

For the mane, I used my 4.00 mm hook and I chained 20.  Single Crochet 3 times into the second chain from the hook and every chain all the way to the end.  Make 4 of these for the mane.  For the tail do the same thing but your foundation chain will be 25 instead of 20.  For the sleepy unicorn in the photos, I only made 4 curls for the tail and I attached them all separate.  I made another one though and adjusted how I did the tail and I liked it better.  If you want to try it then make a foundation chain of 6.  Join your yarn into the first chain and chain 25.  Make your curl and then Slip Stitch to the next chain in your foundation chain and chain another 25 to make the next curl.  Do that in every chain of your foundation chain and then you can leave a long tail to sew them to your sleepy unicorn all at once.  This makes it look more like a real horse tail to me.  You can also use some hot glue that is meant for fabric to help tack the tail down better where you want it.  I also used a little fabric glue on the ends of my curls for the mane so that when I stitched them on it helped secure them in place.


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Original Pattern: Sleeping Unicorn Pony by Amigurumi Today

Post-Author: Uneeda Phipps from U-NEED-A Crafty Creation

Photos: © 2017 U-NEED-A Crafty Creation

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