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U-NEED-A New Recipe

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Cooking is one of those things that I wasn’t taught when I was little.  My mom taught me to make a few things but when it came to making a dinner I was a disaster in the kitchen.  My husband taught me how to cook the basics when we first got married but after that, I have spent years searching and collecting recipes.  I wanted to store and share all of my favorite recipes so that is why U-NEED-A New Recipe was born!

Rules of the Group

  • What is Allowed
    • ANYTHING RELATED TO COOKING – This includes but is not limited to recipes, tutorials, classes, and cookware.
  • What is Not Allowed
    • NO LINK BAITING – If you share a link it must go to the content you say it goes to with one click.  That means if you want to share a recipe or a cool blog post then share the link to the actual page the information is on.
    • NO SPAMMING – You are welcome to promote your own patterns and blogs as long as they are Crochet Related and you don’t flood the feed with your posts.  1 -3 posts a week is ok as long as you are posting something different each time.  Don’t post the same thing 3 times in the same week.  If you write a blog and you would like to share the same article more than once that is ok as long as you are spacing it out far enough that you aren’t being annoying about it.  I don’t want to see the same link over and over every week.
    • NO DEBBIE DOWNERS ALLOWED – If all you want to do is start drama or criticize others then you will be banned from the group.  I expect everyone to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.  If you see something you don’t like then just keep scrolling.  If you feel strongly that a post shouldn’t be allowed in the group then you can take that up with me directly by sending me a pm or sending me an email.

What Gets Posted

I will be posting my recipes and recipes I found that I like, reviews on products, and tutorials.


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